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Organizational Profile

On January 8, 1967, the president of the Korean Educational Research Association (KERA), Bum-mo Jung held the initiator meeting to establish the divisions of educational administration, sociology of education, and curriculum studies, after appointing distinguished scholars from the field of education in Korea as initiators. The plan was to set up five divisions, including educational administration, philosophy of education (including history of education), educational psychology, sociology of education, and curriculum studies.

On February 14 in 1967, the preparatory committee meeting for the establishment of The Korean Educational Administration Society (KEAS) was held at the director’s office, Jungang Education Research Institute. This provided the foundation to launch the KEAS. Staff from the KERA, Gilsu Kang, Jong-chul Kim, Jae-cheol Chung, Moon-yong Lee, Jin-Eun Kim, and Seok-Woo Jang attended this preparatory committee. From the meeting, they agreed that (1) they will draft the by-laws for the KEAS; (2) hold the general meeting of initiators at Hanilkwan in Myeong-dong on February 23, 1967; and (3) hold the general meeting for establishment at the monthly meeting in March.

According to the aforementioned agreement at the preparatory committee meeting, the general meeting of initiators, KEAS, was held at Hanilkwan on February 23 in 1967. At this meeting, Gilsu Kang, Jong-chul Kim, Kihyoung Oh, Seong-il Kim, Sungshik Oh, Jae-cheol Chung, Kyung-goo Kang, Yoon-tae Kim, and Jin-Eun Kim attended the meeting.

On March 25, 1967, the general meeting for establishment was held at the hall of Chungang audiovisual education center. In this meeting, the KEAS of KERA was launched officially by electing the first president, Prof. Gilsu Kang, and passing the by-laws which consisted of full text 6 chapters and additional clause 20 articles. For 20 years since its foundation, the association had the title of KEAS. But by the decision of the regular general meeting on December 9, 1994, the new title, the Korean Educational Administration Society (KEAS), has been used since 1995. The previous title of KEAS is still used in the association with the KERA.