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Welcome to the Korea Educational Administration Society (KEAS).













On behalf of the entire KEAS members, I would like thank you for showing interest in the Korea Educational Administration Society (KEAS). As the 44th president of KEAS, I would like to lead the KEAS to the future-oriented international society. The executive board also is set to the two of the keyword "Challenges and Communication" as operational direction of the KEAS. The KEAS will do the followings to constantly challenge to the future and to communicate with the field.










First of all, in order to establish academic identity of educational administration in the South Korea, we will strive to develop a theory of educational administration and the system that meets reality. It is not a difficult task if we find research method that appropriate to our field with our passion, because it may have experienced some success already with the same awareness in the field of other social sciences.










Secondly, the KEAS will significantly expand the participation of the teachers, administrators and graduate students to be able to represent the voice of education field and academic future generations. Considering characteristics of the discipline, the exchanges and communications between theorists and practitioners are greatly important in the KEAS.










Third, the KEAS will establish the educational policy forum to analyze a variety of administrative and policy issues and to explore alternatives. Through a major effort to be agile to reality of the problem and to present the direction of Korean education future with the forum, we can enhance the KEAS’s status and the sense of existence. Because the issues dealt in the forum are for emergency and practical problem, the forum will provide opportunity to closely communicate with the field.










Fourth, we will publish the first issue of the international academic journal that aims to be registered in SSCI. It will not only raise the KEAS’s international status but also be the passage to show the results of our research to the world.










Fifth, the KEAS will to improve the academic performance of the KEAS and attempt to promote effective communication among members through academic research as a professional academic community. I will recruit and support the Special Interest Groups(SIG) with the diverse interests.










All the tasks can not be possible without wisdom and active participation of executive board and all members of the KEAS. I would like to make an effort the KEAS to communicate with and cooperate each other, so that the KEAS can be evolve into a global society. Thank you.















Ko, Jeon, The President of Korea Educational Administration Society